Wednesday, March 12, 2008


¡Hola a todos! Este fin de semana fui a Nosara con mis amigos Chelsi y Mike. Erá mi fin de semana favorita en Costa Rica. Muy bonita, muy divertido, y la comida erá deliciosa. The bummer about traveling to Nosara is that the only bus from San José leaves at 5:30am. Thus, I met Chelsi and Mike at 4:30am Friday morning and after a very long, hot, and dusty ride, we were in Nosara at around noon. We weren't sure where to stay, so we took a cab to Playa Guiones and asked in the first place we found. "¿Sabe donde está un hostel muy barato por aquí?" When everyone at the bar laughed, we were worried, expecting them to tell us there were no cheap hostels in the area. Instead the guy behind the counter (from New Jersey) told us we were standing in one. And thus we found Kaya Sol. Kaya Sol is not your average hostel. Kaya Sol, for $10/night (standard for all hostels), includes a bed with clean sheets, clean towels, a pool, hot showers, and a bathroom with ALL THREE soap, paper towels, and toilet paper. This level of service is unprecedented in Costa Rica. To top it off, everyone we met at the hostel was really friendly and nice. The cabinas each have 5 beds and our roommates Charlie and Helen were both surfers on holiday. On the beach path Friday night we met a large helpful surf bum who gave us the DL on everything we would need to know in Nosara: Frog Pad for internet, book exchange, and surf board rentals. Olga's for lunch (casados), and the Italian pizzeria for dinner. Todo perfecto. 

Uncle Bo happened to be in town on his annual surfing trip, and we met up with him around lunch time on Saturday. His group was a little late coming (more were expected to arrive later that afternoon), so he gave us surfing lessons on a board borrowed from his friend Bud. Between the wonderful lessons and perfect beginner waves, we're all hooked. So much so that we went to the Frog Pad and rented a board to surf again on Sunday morning. Saturday night all of Bo's clan had arrived (about 10 men from North Carolina) and they were very nice and took us out to dinner at La Casa Tucan. A fun time was had by all, we played a little musical chairs so everyone could chat with everyone. And of course, they had the bartender swap the surf movie to the UNC-Duke game, which added to the excitement of the evening.
Sunday morning we hit the beach and surfed for a few hours which was a total blast, and after the men finished their session (they started much earlier than we did), the let us use 2 more boards so we could all try at the same time. ¡Qué divertido!
We hit up the wheat french toast, banana pancakes, and fruit at Kaya Sol for breakfast, and then headed to the bus. Nosara is so beautiful and laid back, and we had so much fun hanging out with Uncle Bo and his friends, the 3 of us agreed that this weekend had been the highlight of our time in Costa Rica.

Now I'm getting excited for Mom and Dad to visit, they arrive on Saturday and will be here for all of Semana Santa, Holy Week.

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¡Pura Vida!

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