Saturday, December 13, 2008

350 Miles out of Bermuda

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blasting along!
We sailed very little yesterday with low winds (when sailing we had 4-5 knots of boat speed), motored through the night, and started sailing wing-on-wing this morning. We just barely crossed in front of a squall line (jib rolled up and main single reefed) with winds sustained just down wind of the squall line around 25-30 knots. We have just now in the process of rolling out the jib as true winds have come down to 15 knots on average.
Our present course over ground is on average 70 degrees magnetic. Boat speed is around 7.4 knots and our speed over the ground is around 6.9 knots. True wind speed is currently reading 16.4 with a true angle of around 150.
Our present position is 36 degrees 18.9 N and 59 degrees 47.3 W.

Just before we skirted the squall it was pretty amazing sailing this boat on auto pilot in 17 knots of breeze. The boat was pushing 10 knots coming down waves while Stu and I sat there reading our books! Amazing!

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