Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 10: Nothin' Like a Good Wranglin'

Monday, July 14, 2008

As we write Barra is sliding down the swell at 13.4 kts. The quiver of sails has become more numerous. With a rolled up jib, staysail and three reefs in the main we are effortlessly moving towards Ireland. Rob and Stu are collaborating on a dinner of bangers and mash along with Wranglers coarse ground smoked beef franks, "best prepared pan fried, grilled, broiled, or microwaved." Luckily on this fine yacht we have all of these options available. Sam is courageously manning the cockpit where his Grunden’s Fisherman look is accented by his beard which has almost reached the length of his eyebrows. The sun is a rare occurrence here in the mid Atlantic, so much so that when Rob was on watch he would call down the hatch to alert Captain Patrick every time it peaked through the grey fog with an effort to get a sun sight. Unfortunately, in the rare 3 minutes of sun we could not see a distinct horizon and attempts were futile.

The morning started with DeLallah French toast, which in retrospect may have actually just been cinnamon toast with syrup. Who needs the French anyway? This afternoon, too grey and wet for on-deck gallivanting to hold any real appeal, we had a sewing circle of ditty bags, pockets, and reinforced lee cloths around the salon table, accompanied by some reading and leftover mac and cheese and chili for lunch. The hack saw even got some action with the first prototype of notched bowls that prevent silverware from taking flight as the boat rolls, patent pending. Watching waves crash over the deck is especially effective with the giant windows, and the mood is heightened when Sam sends out birdcalls to the shearwaters. The humble Barra crew, clad uniformly in long johns, had a few breaks for excitement, including a huge sperm whale blowing its snot into the air less than two boat-lengths away, spotted by Sam.

Weather reports, besides being the most beautiful bit of imagery to grace the computer screen (we all may put in orders for posters), continue to improve and currently call for what we have coined the "Highway To Ireland". Rob took a break from his vivid read-alouds of The Odyssey to request that you do us a favor and knock on wood that this forecasting continues.

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Hello and love to all of our family and friends at home.
The Barra Crew (post by El)

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