Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crash Party

¡Fiesta a la Plazoleta de Veritas!

Slightly (read "very") awkward at first, but better once they finally got music going. After dance class we filtered out to the "Crash Party"... lots of gringos mingling with gringos and Ticos mingling with Ticos. Go figure. All the gringos had midterms for Spanish classes the next morning - Friday - but some braved the Imperials to break the ice. Luckily by the end I talked to my first few Ticos, a nice girl Mercedes and her friends, and some guys with dreads, Eric and Leo and Daniel without dreads. And some little guy Carlos who doesn't go to Veritas.. not
 sure where he came from, or why he was there, but he was nice if not a little clingy. The wierd thing is it's now Wednesday and I have yet to see a single one of my new Tico friends at school. Where are they? Who knows. I had a good time dancing. Rosi the dance teacher 
facilitated a little, especially when the Creolo Suin ("swing") came on and we only knew one step which we
 repeated over and over. Oh well. Not many of the Ticos would agree to dance. Familiar to the guys at home. In the middle all of a sudden we heard drums approaching and in the gates came a whole bunch of drummers and belly dancers and a guy on stilts. The beat took over and everyone joined the conga line before long. It was pretty cool and reminded me of Junkanoo at the Island School. It was also a good ice breaker because you didn't have to interact with anyone to enjoy the show.

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