Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Good News

  First good news is, they're letting me take Tropical Design and Architecture as an independent study. Looks like I will be getting major credit. Classes started yesterday and already I feel like I've been in my Spanish class for a week - probably because it meets for 4 hours a day, ouch. My midterm is in 2 weeks, how crazy is that? Intro to Drawing is fun so far, our teacher Jim is from New York and is funny and nice. Both of these classes are only about 7 people which is very nice.  Intro to Latin American Tropical Dance is taught by Rosi, a hilarious Tica dance enthusiast. That class is big, like 15 people, and will include night field trips to Discotheques  and a Salon de Baile. It will be a combination of dancing and theory, learning about the history of the dances and the music associated with them. I'm pretty excited. Last night we had the first of the free dance classes, also taught by Rosi, which was attended by pretty much all of the ISA students. It was a total blast. We learned Merengue and Salsa and everyone was SUPER into it, I think because they know they can use these moves at the clubs at night. The guys had trouble with Salsa but I think we'll do a lot of Merengue because it's pretty much just walking while switching your weight from one hip to the other.  This weekend we have a trip to Monteverde, a cloud forest area. They say it's going to be cold. Uh oh. I've finally taken some pictures!

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