Thursday, January 31, 2008


How do we feel about purple? This Friday after lunch I met up with Cory, Anne from my Spanish class, and Allie Po from New York in the Plazoleta and off we went (in a super sketchy cab) to the Coca Cola station. While waiting for the bus to Montezuma (we were first in line so we could get the back row seats with more leg room) up rolled Chelsi and Amalia, followed by Alejandro and Austin and Justin and Andy.... and all of a sudden there were about 15 ISA kids at the bus station. I had kind of been looking forward to a low key weekend at the beach but familiar faces are always a welcome sight. The bus was about 3 hours to Puntarenas where we got on a ferry that reminded me of the car ferry to Nantucket. 2 busses later we finally arrived in the tiny town of Montezuma at about 9. The hostel we planned to stay in was full so we wandered town until we came across ¨La Tucan¨ where we found beds in double rooms for $10 a night. The pizza place was the only one still serving so we hit that up and then hung out at the beach in front of the only hopping bar. The streets were full of hippie tourist types and vendors selling wooden, leather, and hemp jewelry. I decided maybe I could make a living here making friendship bracelets. Not all that appealing because the town was definitely a little seedy at night, the guys said they saw some people shooting up behind a bus. Saturday we found a cute little breakfast place and I had banana pancakes in honor of Molly. We beached it for the morning which was nice and relaxing but the sun was SO HOT we had to swim early and often. Chelsi, Amalia, and I hiked up a cool river to a waterfall where we could go swimming and climb up the rocks and jump off, and ran into a bunch of the guys while there. It was nice to get out of the sun for a while. We got a loaf of bread and some fruit at the corner store for lunch and walked around to a nearby beach to see the sunset which was dumb because it set over the land but it was a nice walk and we took some pictures anyway. We made plans to meet back for a bonfire after dinner. Hostel number 2, ¨Hotel Lys¨was really funky and cool and when we got back there a girl with dreads was playing a djembe drum and I made friends with a girl from Israel who had brought poi which she let me play with. It made me miss my Nobles days a little bit. The grocery store yielded yogurt and fruit for dinner and then everyone wandered down to the beach where Aaron and Justin had started the bonfire, complete with driftwood seats on all sides. It was a really fun relaxing evening of hanging out and chatting and the stars were amazing until about 8 when the moon rose. I think we were all tired from the sun because someone asked what time it was and we all assumed somewhere around midnight but the reply was.... 945. Oops. My small group decided to take the 730 bus on Sunday instead of waiting for the 230 which we later found out was the right decision, the others missed their connecting bus and had to take 3 hour cab rides from Puntarenas.

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